The Residential Plumbing Service Industry Is Under Attack

We had pending legislation back in 2013 in Washington State that could possibly have stopped false advertising of Plumber Orlando services to the individual by those that were not licensed but… we never started using it passed. The reason it failed was that nobody although the cheaters had any interest in the bill.

Lack of effective plumbing engineer license enforcement in Washington State is transforming a competent licensed trade into a commercial con game costing people and skilled craftsmen dearly.

The Issues Affecting Licensed Plumbers and Plumbing Contractors:

  • 1 . Unlicensed Plumbers – worthless enforcement of plumber licensing
  • 2 . Fake Plumbing Organizations – General Contractors Advertising Plumbing Services
  • 3. The Cost of Marketing and advertising – Is incredibly high due to unfair competition from the unlicensed
  • 4. Lack of Consumer Awareness – They don’t know that serious plumbers are a licensed trade. (Drain cleaners are not plumbers)
  • 5. Other trades wishing to perform plumbing services aid i. e. Builders, General Contractors and the HVAC trades

The exact plumbing trade is a regulated industry in Washington Assert. All plumbing work must be performed by those with any certificate of experience; in other words – a license. Over the years now there can been a concerted effort by those never in the plumbing trade to violate the law that confines who may engage in the trade. The attack in the plumber and the plumbing contractor has come from multiple guidance.

There is not one enemy of the licensed plumber, but many. The most important root cause of the plumber license losing credibility and cost over the years is the passivity and inattention of the licensed professional. As a rule, once we have the license in our hand we don’t believe much about it other than to complain about the renewal prices or the imposition of the continuing education requirement.

A plumber licence represents years of study, certified training and official concur to engage in a regulated profession. The dictionary defines licenses as “a permission granted by competent authority to engage in a business or occupation or in an activity if not unlawful”. A license excludes others by law.

If enforcement on the law is weak or ineffective – nobody could obey the law.

Today the plumbing industry is less than attack from those that wish to be engaged in the business of pipes without a license. The sad fact is that there hasn’t been much challenge from those of us that are most affected i. e. trained plumbers, plumbing contractors and homeowners. The plumbing field has been invaded by anybody that wants to represent theirselves as plumbers without the license because nobody has had an interest in the enforcement of plumber licensing.

Who is breaking licensing laws? Answer: Anybody who wants to…

The following trades plus businesses all advertise plumbing services today – appropriately violation of existing law:

  • 1 . Rooter companies lacking licensed plumbers or only a token plumber
  • 2 . Contractors advertising plumbing services
  • 3. Plumber trainees that give up on their training and advertise as contractors
  • 4. Handymen with or without contractor registration
  • 5. Fraudulent website plumbing providers with fake registrations
  • 6. HVAC companies advertising hot water heater sales and installations
  • 7. Water heater companies advertising installing of water heaters
  • 8. Hardware stores offering water heater installations
  • hunting for. Building maintenance service companies providing plumbing repairs.
  • 20. Retail Stores – Home Depot, Lowe’s
  • 11. Marketing Firms with fake websites selling leads
  • 12. Third-Party Reference Services that promote plumbing businesses with no licenses

thirteen. Website re-sellers

14. Amazon is now selling plumbing products and services on their website (2016)

It is a long list…

As a licensed plumber for over thirty five years, I have to admit that I had no idea the best way easily my license could become a worthless piece of paper right until I saw my phone traffic drop off and customers stressing that we match quotes from unlicensed competitors. I couldn’t realize that the value of a license is based solely upon what people think it to be. It’s like money. Money is simply piece of paper with ink on it. It only has value if you ever and I agree that it has some representative value. A couple of century ago a dollar was a day’s wages. Today some sort of dollar might buy you a day-old doughnut. That bucks bill is only worth what we are willing to trade it pertaining to. My father described Italians during the Second World War hauling lira around wheelbarrows to exchange at the bank for a few US dollars.

My favorite fear today is that our plumber licenses will be worthless soon and we won’t even notice until it is too later part of the. The homeowners don’t know that plumbers need licenses therefore, the license is worth nothing to them. The rooter companies sell plumbing with a contractor registration as cover (anybody may get a contractor registration) – the public assumes a professional registration is a license. They don’t know the difference because the terme conseill√© companies, and others, have aggressively been substituting “plumbing technicians” instead of plumbers for years.