9 Bad Habits That Are Destroying Your Hair Extensions

Individuals hair extensions are beautiful, soft strands slipping through your arms like silk. You spend a lot of money on extensions to ensure that you have that perfect, gorgeous look always. But if you are noticing any sort of damage of your hair extension for a while, then don’t check mainly for the hair extensions quality, but also for the daily habits together with environmental factors around you.

Might be you are the mortal players of hair extensions. So , read on to know about them and grow habits that can keep them at bay!

1 . Presence of Air-borne pollutants in the Air – Smog, smoke, fumes, and other kinds of oxygen pollutants settle on your hair extensions and form a covering above them. This hampers their appearance and makes them glimpse dull and dusty. Besides damaging the appearance of hair extensions, most of these air pollutants can dry the extensions. So , assuming you have any bad habit of smoking or you reside in a nicely polluted region, then it is better to cover your extensions by using a silk cloth always and avoid smoking.

2 . Improper Cleanup Habits – Both over-washing and under-washing your hair plug-ins can cause severe damage to them. If you do not wash your exts properly, then they will look bad, dirty, smell awful, and appearance dull and lifeless. On the other hand, if you over-wash the extension cords, then this will extract the moisture from them and will make sure they dry. So , the best way out is to wash your extension cables once in a week to maintain their good health and appearance.

3 or more. Using Harsh and Over-drying Products – Your hair hair dresser must have counseled you to use moisture rich shampoos and hair conditioners that are paraben and alcohol-free. It is because products with high drinking content are harsh to the extensions can result in their significant damage. So , make sure you are gentle on your extensions and apply sulfate-free and phosphate-free hair extension cleansers. Always check product tags before using them.

4. Trimming or Cutting the Ext. – Cutting or trimming the extensions is a good technique to maintain the extensions. But overdoing this practice will make you with damaged hairs with low length. If you carry out this practice regularly, then it is essential to hydrate your hair working with essential natural hair oils. This will make sure that your ext. do not get damaged and are free from all sorts of harmful radicals.

some. Inadequate Handling – You must have brought smooth, cuticle-free, and silky hair extensions. But if you fail to handle them properly, these are going to become frizzy, lack shine, and even lead to more knots. Therefore , you need to give a gentle touch to your extensions. Apply brushes and combs that with wide teeth. As well, use bobby pins, rubber bands, or other hair styling goods only when it is utmost necessary, as their use can result in going down of hair extensions.

6. Using Harsh Glues – Using any harsh glues to stick your extensions to your wild hair, then this will damage not just the extensions but including the scalp. Using such glues can result in severe damage to the exact natural hair. It is therefore essential that you use glues which have been proven to be safe and secured for the scalp. You can always demand such products from a hair stylist or an expert. The good news is range of such products available, and the experts suggest only using those products for the extension.

7. Using ‘Hot’ Hairstyling Products – Using hair styling iron, rollers, dryers, and various similar products can damage the extensions and make them frizzy. Such products have very high temperature, and instead of machine drying the extensions, they end up damaging them. Also, it’s possible that they may result in bonding of synthetic glue towards natural hairs, which will worsen the situation. So , avoid using merchandise with high temperature as if hair wigs get severely impaired, then it will be difficult to rejuvenate them.

8. Following a bad Diet – Diet to plays a pivotal factor in managing your hair extensions. If you consume too much of oily food rich in fatty acids, then this will make your hair brittle as well as would leave it weak. Individuals using hair wigs will be suggested to consume a diet rich in Omega-3, which is one of the necessary nutrients for the hair. Additionally , you may use a nonoily conditioner every day to keep your extensions hydrated. Know more about Afro Kinky Bulk and hair extensions click the link https://www.mynaturalhairextensions.com/product/kinky-straight-clip-ins/

9. Mold Growth aid Just like a proper cleansing of hair extensions, the process of properly dry skin them is also of utmost importance. If you use or store improperly thrown hair wigs, then this will leave them wet and contribute to high moisture content. In such case, molds grow at first glance of extensions. These molds are bacterial and candica organisms, which are harmful not just for the extensions, but quite possibly for your head. So , make sure that your extensions dry accurately, especially from the interior sections. If roots or weft are left wet, then this will lead to the high regarding mold.